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September/October 2004 Features

10 Questions Every Sales Manager Should Be Asking Himself

Coaching Rookies and Veterans - Developing an All-Star Sales Team

TIPS & IDEAS - Quickest Way to Increase Sales

Sales Manager's Challenge

Mini Case Study - Helping the Manager Coach


10 Questions Every Sales Manager Should Be Asking Himself

  1. What career stages are my Reps going through?
  2. Where is my boss on his/her career track?
  3. How does that impact my career?
  4. Where am I on my career track?
  5. Is that impacting how I approach my reps and my manager?
  6. What is the best thing I can do to raise the performance of my sales reps?
  7. Why would career stage matter?
  8. Does someone looking toward retirement need coaching?
  9. I'm looking toward retirement why can't I just coast?
  10. What other possible factors are impacting my coaching ability?

Asking and answering these questions are critical to the long-term success of your sales organization.

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  • Coaching Rookies and Veterans - Developing an All-Star Sales Team
  • All teams are made of players at different levels in development; the rookie, the core players and the veterans. Each has their own destiny and each has their own unique issues. This is true of all teams - sports teams as well as sales teams. And your job as sales manager is to coach ALL your players into All-Stars given the developmental level of each player.

  • TIPS & IDEAS - Quickest Way to Increase Sales
  • It's often said the quickest way to increase sales is to train your salespeople to sell more effectively. And there's one surefire way to improve the selling behavior of your sales force that is so obvious it's often missed. It's the quickest method of all... more effective than many large-scale sales training programs, courses, techniques, and strategies concocted to streamline selling. What is it?

    Quickest Way to Increase Sales
  • Sales Manager's Challenge
  • You have just been hired as the new sales manager for an experienced sales team. The numbers look good and the team seems to be out there selling. There are the stars. The 10% of the reps that are really going strong. But what about the rest of the team? Are they putting the effort in or are they just giving enough to get the numbers. But they are an experienced team. They know how to get the sale. But do they have the energy to maximize all the potential sales available in their territory? Our research shows the answer to that question is NO!

    Meet the Plateaued Sales Rep.
  • Mini Case Study - Helping the Manager Coach
  • An east coast consumer service provider had established a new division with a desire to dramatically expand their sales. To achieve this result, many seasoned sales managers were brought over from other divisions. The client believed that with these experienced sales managers leading the new division significant growth would be achieved. However, after the initial excitement of the new division, sales lagged and the account reps seemed to lack motivation.

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