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If You are Responsible for Sales Performance,
this Web Site is for You

Whether you're responsible for the sales results of three people or three thousand, our web site is a management resource to help maximize your sales organization's performance.

Our programs and processes are developed specifically for business-to-business sales organizations.

Our focus is on diagnosing efficiencies of groups on an individual basis. We provide 'extraordinary' management information to help leadership understand and diagnose what works and what doesn't. And we build unique executable plans to continuously measure performance improvement.

Today, businesses must focus on maximizing people productivity and accomplish more with less. Sales managers need to target new channels of distribution, develop new strategies and execute plans to make change happen. Systema can help with these challenges. We address the specific issues to meet your industry, your organizational structure and your unique "going to market" strategies.

Linking Sales Management Development with Technology to Increase Sales Performance

Systema is a Greek word, pronounced sis-tee-ma. It is the source of our English word "system," which in Greek means "to bring together."

About Systema® onTrack®

Systema onTrack is an extraordinary competency-based development process for building a stronger sales organization through focusing on individual, personalized growth. It concentrates on each participant's current job requirements and current levels of performance. One size does not fit all. Each individual rep, each sales manager, each customer and each company is unique. Benefits to the company include the most logical, time efficient, cost effective and surest method of achieving:

  1. Increased sales
  2. Market expansion
  3. Present customer account penetration
  4. Increased opening of new accounts
Specific, "extraordinary information" for upper management, the sales team and its support organizations include:
  • Identifying precisely what's needed to improve performance
  • Pinpointing strengths and limitations
  • Building and energizing personal motivation
  • Formulating "action plans" to improve job skills by capitalizing on talents
  • Achieving goals with an assist from web-based tracking communication systems and a professional accountability coach

Additional information about making Systema onTrack the cornerstone of your sales improvement program. More>



Systema uses proprietary technologies and tools through a variety of performance focused processes to meet the needs of sales management.

  • Sales Managers - front-line managers whose focus of influence is field sales representatives.
  • Managers - whose focus of influence is line or staff subordinates.
  • Coaches - managers, sales managers, or field trainers who focus on developing other's skills and professional maturity.
  • Trainers - field trainers who interact with groups and individuals to enhance their skills and attitudes
  • Leaders - people in a position to make positive changes happen. The focus is on strategic and tactical skills which bring about change and improvement in operations and the quality of life in the workplace.

Systema offers research, assessments, consulting, re-enforcement and follow-up training, self-study and hiring and selection tools. More>


Sales Professionals

Our philosophy is based on the belief that good salespeople achieve greatness in an organization because they have taken charge of their own destiny and learned to maximize their personal effectiveness. Sales people need to know what to do, know how to do it and be reinforced for doing it well.

Successful organizations support and develop their sales managers and sales representatives by providing information and tools to help each individual achieve his or her personal best. For that reason, we believe that feedback is the most powerful tool to cause impact in an organization.

Honest and candid feedback, when combined with self-assessment, skill building, motivational and developmental technologies, enables a sales organization to achieve results far beyond expectations.

Systema offers research, assessments, consulting, re-enforcement and follow-up training, self-study and hiring and selection tools. We provide these services to:

Sales Managers:
  • Front-line managers whose focus of influence is field sales representatives
Sales Professionals:
  • Territory-based account representatives
  • Major account representatives whose clients see them as consultants, providing significant value-added, problem solving resources.
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives specific for the pharmaceutical industry.

Additional information about Systema resources for sales improvement program. More>


Sales and Service Support

Professionals who are developing careers need a baseline report on how they influence others and management can identify tomorrow's managers and today's contributors. Systema's products and services for the Sales and Service Support professionals looks at individual contributors whose focus of influence is other professionals where the goal of that influence is a collaborative work environment.

Systema offers research, assessments, consulting, re-enforcement and follow-up training, self-study and hiring and selection tools. More>

For information on Systema's sales management systems e-mail us at:

Linking Sales Management Development with Technology to
Increase Sales Performance


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